Slow-moving traffic as city folk return to Klang Valley

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Traffic on the East Coast Expressway heading towards the Klang Valley is slow-moving as city folk return from their hometowns after the Aidiladha celebrations. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, July 11, 2022.

TRAFFIC heading towards the Klang Valley is reported to be slow-moving from the north, south and east coast of the country as of 10.30 tonight, as city folk return from their hometowns after the Aidiladha celebrations.

According to the Malaysian Highway Authority’s (LLM) Twitter page, there is a 14.9-km crawl on the Karak Highway heading towards the Bentong toll plaza.

“There was an accident at Km360.89 (northbound) from Bukit Besi to Dungun at 8.01pm on the East Coast Expressway 2, and the right lane had been temporarily closed,” it said.

On the North-South Expressway, traffic is reported to be slow heading south from the Alor Setar exit towards Gurun due to a stalled trailer lorry at Km78.8, causing the left lane to be blocked.


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“Traffic is also slow from north to south, namely from Gopeng to Tapah; Ladang Bikam to Sungkai; Slim River to Behrang; and Bukit Beruntung to Rawang,” it said.

Meanwhile, LLM informed that traffic from the south to north was also slow from Tangkak to Jasin; Ayer Keroh overhead bridge restaurant to Pedas/Linggi to the Port Dickson junction.

PLUS Malaysia Berhad previously said 1.9 million vehicles were expected to be on the highway during the festive holidays from July 7-12.

The operator of the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway and the East Coast Expressway 1, ANIH Berhad, meanwhile, said it expected more than two million vehicles to use the highway from July 10-11.

The public can get the latest traffic information via the Plusline toll-free number at 1-800 88 0000 and its Twitter page or the LLM hotline at 1-800 88 7752 as well as its Twitter page. – Bernama, July 11, 2022.

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